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Writing & Editing Services

audio/video transcription

copyediting/line editing



(advertising & promotional copy, web/blog posts, fundraising materials, press releases, social media content)

editing & consultation

(poetry, micro/flash fiction, short fiction, creative nonfiction)

manuscript development, arrangement, editing & consultation

(poetry, micro/flash, short fiction, and creative nonfiction collections, full-length fiction & nonfiction)

submission guidance & services

Client Testimonials

Having worked with Beth Dulin in various stages of the development process, I cannot speak highly enough about her pinpointed editorial precision with an eye for sensory detail. 

Her solid advice on writing is a boon to all who are fortunate to work with her.

-Tara A. Elliott, poet and executive director of Eastern Shore Writers Association (ESWA)

I became aware of Beth Dulin’s work when I attended a poetry reading at Chestertown’s Garfield Center in 2022. While I know Beth primarily as a poet, I found commonalities with her writing and my own efforts in flash fiction. I’d had some success with a number of my pieces being accepted for publication. In 2023, I felt unsure of my goals. I needed not only editorial help, but also inspiration to grow. Beth was quick to accommodate me, editing a flash fiction story that I was preparing to submit. Although I resisted sharing my work years ago, as an inexperienced dabbler, it is mandatory to have a “second set of eyes” when one wishes to submit quality work. Nearly all of Beth’s gentle suggestions made sense to me, and I was able to redraft accordingly. Our interaction was easy, with a timely turnaround. Beth also told me that if I was on a deadline, she would work on a shorter time frame if necessary. There are gray areas to explore between prose poetry and flash, which is where Beth and I overlap. She suggested I read some early work by Sam Shepard, which really resonated with me. Moving forward, I have found new inspiration in Shepard’s writing. In a writer’s evolution, accepting an insightful suggestion is invaluable.

This is what I needed and what Beth provided.


- Steve Saulsbury, award-winning flash fiction writer

Beth has the ability to ease me into suggestions for revision while enthusiastically supporting my writing. Her editing and comments are always on point and as a new writer she has helped me learn the nuances of craft as well as publishing. Beth is honest and compassionate, always bringing out the best in my writing. I feel very at ease with her as an editor and mentor and as a result also feel completely comfortable disagreeing with any of her suggestions. She has given me the confidence to trust my writing and defend my choices, as well as the humility to understand that our mutual goal is always to improve every poem.


-Diana Fusting, poet

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