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Poetry / Microfiction

Please click on the name of the publication (in bold/italics) to read selected poems. 

"New Mexico," Gargoyle, #8, June 2024

"For The Taking," The Last Girls Club: Blood & Jazz Podcast, February 14, 2024

"On Your Birthday," "Aftermath," Anti-Heroin Chic, December 2023

"Return," 2023 Bay to Ocean JournalDecember 2023

"Hungry for Nostalgia," ONE ART, October 22, 2023

"Twenty-Six," "Harvest," "Crime Scene," "Reunion," The Antioch Poetry Retreat: A Gathering of Poets, Summer 2023

"Survivor's Guilt," Little Patuxent Review, Issue 33, Winter 2023

"Baptism," Wild Roof Journal, Issue 18, January 2023

"Greyhound from Columbia, SC to Baltimore, MD," Wigleaf, October 2022

"Vanderbilt Avenue, Brooklyn, 1991," Gargoyle, Issue 75, July 2022

"Inheritance," New York Quarterly, Issue 68.1, Spring 2022

"This is Not a Love Poem," Unbroken Journal, Issue 31, October 2021 

"Drought," Atlanta Review, Spring/Summer 2021 


"Journey," "Newlywed," Yes Poetry, (featured as March 2021 Poet of the Month), March 4, 2021

"Epiphany," Beltway Poetry Quarterly, Issue 21:4, Art In Times of Crises, Volume II, Fall 2020 

"Components of Loss," 
High Shelf Press, Issue XXI, August 2020

"My Dreams Are Full of Dead Men," 
What Rough Beast, Covid-19 Edition, May 27, 2020

"Tonto at the Holiday Lounge, New York City," The American Journal of Poetry, Volume 8, January 1, 2020

"Tinnitus,"  2019 Bay to Ocean Anthology: The Year's Best Writing from the Eastern Shore Writers Association, 2019

Truce (limited edition artists' book containing eight poems), in the collections of the Brooklyn Museum and the
Museum of Modern Art, 1997

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